GLENCORE CEZINC - Hall 3 electrical risks

This training is specific to the electrical risks of Hall 3. You will see how the current travels through Hall 3, the description of the risks that are associated with this presence of electrical current and how we can protect ourselves against these risks.

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Languages : English (US) Or French (CA) / Français (CA) Or Spanish / Español
Duration : 60 min.
Owner name: Glencore CEZinc
This training is intended for employees and workers who have to perform work where there are electrical risk in Hall 3.
• understand how electricity works in Hall 3. • to identify the electrical hazards related to operations in the presence of electric current. • how to use the various means of protection.
This training includes: - Interactive content; - Narration; - And much more !

Internet connection, speakers or computer headset required. Training duration is a general guideline and may vary from person to person).