Recognizing the importance of creating a workplace that respects and values the diverse backgrounds and experiences of our employees, these modules have been developed to provide a deeper understanding of Indigenous histories, cultures, and the journey toward reconciliation. Our goal is to enhance awareness, promote empathy, and build bridges of understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees.

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Languages : English (US)
Duration : 60 min.
Owner name: Dumas
All Dumas employees.
Promoting Cultural Awareness: By delving into Indigenous histories, cultures, and traditions, we aim to foster a greater appreciation for the rich diversity that exists within our society. Enhancing Understanding: These modules will provide valuable insights into the historical experiences and ongoing challenges faced by Indigenous communities, thereby encouraging a more empathetic and informed workplace. Encouraging Reconciliation: Through education and awareness, we can play an active role in the ongoing process of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. These modules will highlight the significance of reconciliation efforts and explore ways in which we can contribute to positive change. We believe that by embracing these learning opportunities, we can create a workplace environment that is respectful, inclusive, and supportive of all employees. In addition to contributing to the personal growth and cultural competency of our workforce, this initiative aligns with our broader corporate responsibility goals.
Online self-training.

Internet connection, computer speakers or headphones required.
The duration of the training is a general indication and may vary from one person to another.

Built-in exam (Passing Grade : 80 %)