This training guide aims to provide mine operators with the necessary knowledge and skills to identify geotechnical hazards in their work environment. Geotechnical hazards pose significant risks to safety and productivity in mining operations, making it crucial for operators to be able to identify and address them promptly. By following this training, operators will be equipped with the tools to recognize and report potential geotechnical hazards, ensuring a safer and more efficient mining operation.

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Languages : English (US)
Duration : 60 min.
Owner name: Tacora Resources
This training is intended for operators who must perform work at the Tacora mines.
- To understand the fundamentals of geotechnical hazards and how it can affect the mine. - To understand the conditions in which geotechnical failure may occur. - To identify the signs of geotechnical failures.
Online learning (e-learning). This training includes: - Interactive content; - Narration; - And much more!

Internet connection, speakers or computer headset required. Training duration is a general guideline and may vary from one person to another.