The sounds emitted by certain equipment or the noise level of certain work environments could have a serious impact on workers' hearing if they are not adequately protected. When ambient noise cannot be reduced to a safe level with source mitigation measures, the use of hearing protectors becomes necessary. This training will allow you to learn more about the hearing protection equipment available and their proper use.

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Lingue : English (US)
Durata : 60 min.
Categoria : Salute e sicurezza sul lavoro
NOME DEL PROPRIETARIO: Alcumus SafeContractor (SIM)
This training is intended for employees and workers who are exposed to high noise levels in the course of their duties.
To name three effects that noise exposure has on hearing. To understand the impacts of hearing loss and the harmful threshold for prolonged noise exposure. To know how to control noise exposure. To understand the requirements for selecting hearing protection devices and how to wear them correctly.
Online learning (e-learning)

• Internet connection, speakers or computer headset required. • Training duration is a general guideline and may vary from person to person. • Owner: Cognibox, SIM, Alcumus, SafeContractor

Examen intégré (Passing Grade : 80 %)