E-learning presentation of the health, safety and environmental requirements applicable to contractors performing work on ArcelorMittal Mining Canada (AMEM and AMIC) sites. This training is mandatory to have access to ArcelorMittal Mining Canada (AMEM and AMIC) sites

Please note that Courageous Leadership training is no longer required.

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Languages : English (US) of French (CA) / Français (CA)
Talen : 90 min.
NAAM EIGNEAAR: ArcelorMittal
All contractors having to work on or access ArcelorMittal Mining Canada (AMEM and AMIC) sites
<ul> <li>Understand ArcelorMittal's health, safety and environmental rules and requirements</li> <li>Know the general HSE rules</li> <li>Know the specific risks and control measures for each sector</li> <li>Know the procedure to follow in case of incidents</li> </ul>
Interactive online self-training

Internet connection, computer speakers or headphones required. The duration of the training is a general indication and may vary from one person to another.

Built-in exam (Passing Grade : 80 %)