It is not unusual that fires in the workplace occur during the execution of a quick five-minutes task in an area which is not suitable for welding and cutting. The Hot Work e-learning is a dynamic and interactive training that can be carried out with your web browser 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any supervision.

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Languages : English (US) of French (CA) / Français (CA)
Talen : 45 min.
Categorie : Gezondheid en veiligheid op het werk
NAAM EIGNEAAR: Alcumus SafeContractor (SIM)
This training is intended for employees and workers who must perform welding work or any work involving fire hazards.
To understand phenomena associated with fire: • How and why it is triggered • How it travels • To understand the importance of fire prevention as well as the applicable legal and regulatory requirements • To identify: • Situations presenting risks during hot work • Prevention treatment associated to hot work • Appropriate personal protective equipment for main work types • To familiarize yourself with procedures and documentation that apply to hot work • To avoid any fire! • A reference guide can be downloaded and printed once the exam is successfully completed.
Online learning (e-learning)

• Internet connection, speakers or computer headset required. • Training duration is a general guideline and may vary from person to person. • Owner: Cognibox, SIM, Alcumus, SafeContractor

Built-in exam (Passing Grade : 80 %)