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In some work environments, there may be contaminants present as gases, fumes, vapors, dusts or mists. In those cases, wear a respiratory protective equipment adapted to the contaminant to protect your respiratory tract. This training will allow you to learn more about the equipment available and how to adjust it.

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Languages : English Or Français
Duration : 60 min.
Category : Environment / Hygiene
Owner name: Cognibox (SIM)
  • This training is intended for employees and workers who must perform tasks in environments where air contaminants are present.
  • To explain the difference between an air-cleaning and air-supplying respiratory protective equipment (RPE)
  • To list three things to consider when selecting a RPE
  • To know the responsibilities of the RPE user and the supervisor
  • To describe the requirements for fit testing, leak testing, maintenance, cleaning and storage of a RPE
  • Interactive online self-training

  • Connexion Internet, haut-parleurs ou écouteurs pour ordinateur requis.
  • La durée de la formation est une indication générale et peut varier d'une personne à l'autre.

Built-in exam (Passing Grade : 80 %)