Lifting devices are material handling equipment widely used in industrial sectors. Required for the transportation of heavy loads, they present multiple risks.

As part of this training, you will learn more about the important steps of load lifting, the roles and responsibilities of each worker involved in load handling, as well as the hazards that can compromise safety while handling a lifting equipment.

Note that in addition to this theoretical training, practical training is often necessary and even mandatory, as is the case in Quebec. Ask your employer or project manager for more information.

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Languages : English (US) Or French (CA) / Français (CA)
Duration : 35 min.
Category : Mobile Equipment
Owner name: Cognibox (SIM)
<ul> <li>This training is intended for all workers using or exposed to lifting devices in the execution of their duties.</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>Know the legal framework applicable to the use of an overhead crane </li> <li>Discover some surprising statistics</li> <li>Identify the types and components of an overhead crane</li> <li>Define the types of inspections required for the crane</li> <li>Know how to perform a preoperative inspection of an overhead crane</li> </ul>
<ul> <li>Interactive online self-training</li> </ul>

  • Internet connection, computer speakers or headphones required.
  • The duration of the training is a general indication and may vary from one person to another.
  • Propriétaire: Cognibox, SIM, Alcumus, SafeContractor

Built-in exam (Passing Grade : 80 %)