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WHMIS/GHS training in e-learning is an interactive and dynamic course based on scenarios where the participant will have to investigate on accidents related to the use of hazardous material. The participant will have to answer quizzes, categorize products, etc. Can you discover the causes of the accident? Become an investigator!
This training can be done with any recent Internet browser, 24/7, and without a trainer.
Available in Spanish
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Did you know that hearing does not regenerate? Hearing damage is irreversible. A hearing aid can, at most, compensate, but will never restore a person’s hearing. Someone subjected to 100 dB (noise of a lawnmower) for 40 hours a week, after 20 years, will, on average, experience a 48% hearing loss. Through this online training, the worker will be made aware of the importance of using adequate hearing protection to preserve their hearing health.
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Airways are threatened when the air contains pollutant particles in the form of dust, gas, smoke or biological contaminants or when the environment lacks oxygen. Through this online training, the worker will understand the importance of using respiratory protection to preserve the respiratory tract and overall health.
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During this training, you will learn about the different types of asbestos and their health related risk. Also, you will be informed on where you should be cautious to the presence of asbestos in your work environment. This training is an introductory to asbestos.
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TRANSPORT OF DANGEROUS GOODS (TDG) in e-learning mode is a dynamic and interactive training course created in compliance with the law and regulations on the transport of dangerous goods. This training allows the participant to learn about TDG or to update their knowledge. This training can be taken with any recent Internet browser, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and without the presence of a trainer.