The WHMIS 2015 online training is a dynamic and interactive training based on animated scenarios where the participant is confronted with different risk situations in the use of hazardous materials, must answer quizzes, classify products, etc. This training covers the features of WHMIS 2015. It contains general recommendations on preventive measures to be taken in hazardous situations.

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Languages : English (US) Or French (CA) / Français (CA)
Duration : 60 min.
Category : OHS
Owner name: Telus Health
Product users, any staff member who may be in contact with hazardous products.
• Identify the different groups and classes of products controlled by WHMIS 2015 • Describe the major health and physical hazards associated with the controlled product classes. • Recognize the major hazards and prevention measures associated with the use of hazardous materials in the workplace. • Locate key information on various labels affixed to containers of WHMIS controlled products. • Locate the relevant information in a safety data sheet (SDS) • Interpret the pictograms used in WHMIS 2015. • Distinguish the roles and responsibilities of suppliers, workers, employers, and OHS committees with respect to the application of WHMIS 2015
Self-directed online learning.

Internet connection, computer speakers or headphones required. The duration of the training is a general indication and may vary from one person to another.

Built-in exam (Passing Grade : 70 %)