In our workplaces, there are several control measures to intervene directly at the source of the risks. We call them the hierarchy of controls. This free educational capsule will give you an overview of the 5 components of the hierarchy of controls and the concrete measures to put in place for a safer work environment.

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Languages : French (CA) / Français (CA)
Duration : 5 min.
Category : Educational Clips, Educational Clips
Owner name: Alcumus SafeContractor (SIM)
All employees and subcontractor employees.
<ul> <li>Know the 5 levels of the control hierarchy.</li> <li>Be aware of the implementation of measures to eliminate or reduce risks directly at the source.</li> </ul>
Educational capsule
  • Internet connection, speakers or computer headset required.
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  • Propriétaire: Cognibox, SIM, Alcumus, SafeContractor