Data protection is a major issue for companies. Companies must obtain the explicit consent of individuals before collecting or processing their personal data. Consent must be free, specific, informed, and obvious. During this training, you will discover who the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is intended for, the seven fundamental principles, the rights of individuals, and the actions to take in the event of a data leakage.

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Languages : English (US) Or French (CA) / Français (CA)
Duration : 30 min.
Owner name: Alcumus SafeContractor (SIM)
This training course is intended for anyone in the company likely to share personal data.
• To determine who the RGPD is intended for • To list the seven fundamental principles • To recognize the rights of individuals • To distinguish the actions to take in the event of a personal data leakage
Online learning (e-learning)

• Internet connection, speakers or computer headset required. • Training duration is a general guideline and may vary from person to person. • Owner: Cognibox, SIM, Alcumus, SafeContractor

Examen intégré (Passing Grade : 80 %)