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The Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) is a comprehensive system for providing information on the safe use of hazardous materials in Canadian workplaces through labels, safety data sheets (SDS), worker education and training programs. This training will allow you to learn more about this system and its applications.
Available in Spanish
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Whether at home or at work, hand protection is essential to prevent injuries and accidents. Your hands are precious and very vulnerable, as they are at the forefront of your daily tasks. In this training course, you will learn about risk analysis and controls, and how to select the right gloves for your job.
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Workplace accidents among young workers in Canada are a major concern. All employers must ensure that every young worker undergoes an induction program or occupational health and safety training, before starting any job.

During this training, you'll learn about the risks and workplace rules that affect young workers; the issues surrounding generation gaps, adapted tasks and their different rights; and the important elements of an induction program and good communication.
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Modern slavery is a major and undeniable global problem. It should concern everyone. Every company in the world should be aware of its existence and take the necessary steps to ensure that modern slavery does not take place in their supply chains.
This training course was developed by the Slave-Free Alliance, a social enterprise wholly owned by Hope for Justice, a global non-profit organisation working to end human trafficking and modern slavery in order to protect human rights.
You will discover the forms of exploitation (e.g., forced labour, sexual exploitation), some surprising facts, the subtle signs of control, the risks to which your organisation could be exposed and contact details if you have any concerns or need advice.
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Good control of a telescopic lift truck during work is essential to prevent serious work accidents caused by this equipment. During this training, you will become aware of the types of inspection required, know the main components and particularities, understand the risks of use, apply the means of prevention, and know the safe operation.
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Controlling hazardous energies during installation, maintenance, repair or unjamming of equipment is essential to prevent serious work accidents caused by them. Lockout is one of the methods to use to control them. During this training, you will learn about the principles, tools and methods to isolate equipment from these energies and to lock out access to these sources, to prevent any uncontrolled use.
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During this training course, you will learn about the development of an emergency response plan, the roles and responsibilities of those involved, assessing the risks inherent in your organization, determining the important actions to take depending on the type of disaster, the requirements for the various devices indicated on an emergency response plan, procedures in the event of an emergency and the essential elements of effective crisis management.
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Risk management is a discipline that aims to identify, evaluate, and prioritize risks related to the company's activities, regardless of their nature or origin. This discipline implies that risks are treated methodically in order to reduce and control the probability of feared events, as well as their possible impact.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a method of anticipating and analyzing hazards and risks in the workplace. It is a rigorous process, a tool to be favoured by any worker who is about to perform a task, and it usually takes only a few minutes to complete. It raises team awareness of the importance of health and safety, identifies risks by breaking down tasks into steps, develops accident prevention tools, and encourages the adoption of an occupational health and safety culture. It also helps prevent serious accidents and save lives.
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In many sectors, workers may be required to work alone or in isolated workplaces. While it's not always dangerous to work in an isolated location, there are circumstances where performing tasks in isolated locations can present increased risks to the worker's health and safety.

During this training, you will learn more about jobs and activities at risk in isolated locations, how to identify sources of risk that need to be controlled, appropriate means of communication, and emergency procedures for staying safe.
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In some work environments, there may be contaminants present as gases, fumes, vapors, dusts or mists. In those cases, wear a respiratory protective equipment adapted to the contaminant to protect your respiratory tract. This training will allow you to learn more about the equipment available and how to adjust it.
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The sounds emitted by certain equipment or the noise level of certain work environments could have a serious impact on workers' hearing if they are not adequately protected. When ambient noise cannot be reduced to a safe level with source mitigation measures, the use of hearing protectors becomes necessary. This training will allow you to learn more about the hearing protection equipment available and their proper use.
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Sometimes, some work must be performed in a confined space, which is a totally or partially enclosed area, not designed to be occupied by people. Confined space work requires rigorous preparation and complex procedures. This training allows you to learn more about the safe practices to implement in these restricted environments to limit the risk of accidents.
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Risks considered as critical are those that can cause serious permanent damage or even death to workers.
Each type of work or operation causes different critical risks. Therefore, it is important not only to know the critical risks, but to target and prioritize each specific intervention for each environment.
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Same level falls, holes, mezzanines, scaffolding, platforms, ladders, stepladders, roofs, towers or skyscrapers, etc.: opportunities to fall are everywhere. Year after year, falls are among the leading causes of workplace deaths. This training addresses the main situations that expose workers to the risk of falls and includes the basic principles and techniques of fall protection to recognize and prevent potential hazards associated with working at heights.
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An online training activity designed to ensure the health and safety of all workers on a work site. In short, this training will enable end-users to improve their use of pallet trucks. More specifically, users will learn about the different components of pallet trucks, the legal framework governing their use, the types of inspections and safety rules, as well as the risks and preventive measures.
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During this training, you will learn about the different types of asbestos and their health related risk. Also, you will be informed on where you should be cautious to the presence of asbestos in your work environment. This training is an introductory to asbestos.
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Welding, brazing and cutting are examples of ignition sources near flammable materials. This is what we call "hot work." The techniques and tools used to perform these jobs must be done within defined parameters. This training covers the safety items necessary to avoid accident and fire risks.
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Whether by browsing the internet or through connected devices, malicious people could try to hack your accounts or corrupt your data. Measures and best practices must be put in place to protect your data and your connected devices. This training will allow you to learn more about cybersecurity.
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OHS document management is an essential component for all organizations wishing to ensure the health and safety of their workers. This approach consists in managing all documents related to occupational health and safety. Occupational health and safety document management is a legal requirement in many countries and regions.
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Any worker who is exposed to sources of electrical power is at risk. Aren’t electric shocks harmless? Perhaps, but the force and heat produced by an electric arc can damage and destroy human tissue. Through this online training, workers will be informed of potential risks which may arise in the course of their duties and of prevention measures they should implement.